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As a leading source of residential and commercial title services for Central Florida residents, The Title Bridge built it’s success on delivering customers the results they want and deserve.


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Specializing In Simultaneous Closings

On closing day, two transactions take place: a real estate transaction and a note purchase transaction, almost simultaneously. Sometimes the note purchase transaction happens a few days or weeks after the real estate transaction. This depends on how early in the process the note buyer gets involved and whether or not there are closing issues with this transaction.

In House Short Sale Processing Specialists - The Title Bridge

In House Short Sale Processing Specialists

There has been a meteoric rise in short sales in the past few years due to a combination of over-borrowing/over-lending, a decrease in real estate values and a sudden rise in unemployment. Many people need to sell their house right now because they are unable to afford their mortgage and are about to fall behind on payments, already are behind or possibly even facing foreclosure.

Lender Title Services

Our Lender Resource Division provides a single source for placing title orders; receiving title commitments, ICL and tax certificates, along with services to assist with attaining an accurate calculation of closing fees. These services streamline the transaction timeline by reducing the gap between processing and closing of a loan. This process is designed to help meet unique lender requirements of all interested parties quickly and efficiently.

residential title services

Residential Title Services

Our residential title experts meet the requirements of each unique transaction, according to the expectations of all parties involved. From detailed title research to facilitated closings, you can rely on our knowledge about Central Florida real estate, to help you close on time, every time.


Commercial Title Services

Through our entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and financial strength, we are ready to meet the demand of the commercial title insurance market in Central Florida and accommodate the unique insurance requirements of each title transaction.


We Understand Central Florida Real Estate

Our title experts know the Central Florida area and have extensive experience working with members of the real estate community. We take the time to listen to your title concerns and address all of your questions regarding the closing process. Dedicated to providing personal service for every client, we consistently work hard to reach solutions that meet your unique needs.

Escrow Settlement Services

We have experienced and dedicated escrow and settlement services professionals. With well over a century of experience, including residential, commercial, and relocation ownership transactions in Central Florida, we serve as an unbiased third party to execute the instructions of all parties involved, making sure your transactions are completed quickly and efficiently.

For Sale By Owner Services - The Title Bridge

For Sale By-Owner Services

For many people, the purchase of a home represents the single greatest Investment in their lifetime. if you are purchasing a home with new financing, you’ll be required to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy. This policy only insures the lender’s interest in your property against losses arising from title defects. In other words, the lender’s policy protects the outstanding balance of the mortgage for the lender, but it DOES NOT protect you or your interest in the property.

Closing Services - The Title Bridge

Closing Services

Closing is the last step in a real estate transaction.  It involves the transferring of ownership and signing the purchase contract.  The deed is delivered from the seller to the buyer, thus completing the transaction.  The Title Bridge can help you to pass this final phase and be on your way to new home ownership!

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