Lyle Lovett, Managing Partner

Are you tired of the attitudes and the condescending nature in which your current closer speaks to you in?

We are so excited and proud to say we have assembled a team of title insurance professionals that are committed to excellence and ready to provide you with service that is unmatched.

Well, I am determined to show Central Florida a different standard in personalized client service. I have personally dreamed for years of opening a title company again. When the RE market seemed to collapse all around us in 2008 some of us made hard choices, suffered loss, and had to strive and press through the disappointment of what looked like failure. However, if your like me and didn’t give up then you know exactly how it feels to dig your feet in, re-adjust your focus, fight to provide, and keep your dream alive. I bring a resolve and dedication to my office daily that I believe can be a great benefit to your professional career. I am eager to show you the difference, contact me today and lets discuss The Title Bridge becoming a part of your team. We are here to serve you!


Flexibility Counts

Whether selling or refinancing a home, purchasing a multi-million dollar office building, or closing a second mortgage for a backyard pool.

We’re Here for You

We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to close our most important transaction – yours – on time and hassle free!

What Makes Us Different

Not all title companies are created equally. Find out more about what makes The Title Bridge the right choice for your next transaction.

What Clients Are Saying

"Thank you so much for everything your comments are very reassuring. We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished home and have had good reports about it. You have certainly made this whole process much easier and I thank you for that!"

− David and Christina Hurst, Previous Title Bridge Clients

"We've made Lyle and his people at The Title Bridge part of our team because no matter what problems might come up, (and they always do), they handle it and get to the closing!"

− Sally Castillo, Family HomeBuyer Group LLC

"I'm so glad that I had another chance to work with you. It is always so easy and friendly with you. Even when you were busy doing multiple closings in one day, you still had the energy to answer all my questions so kindly and politely as always. I'm sure all your customers are more than happy with your services!"

− Eva Lihovay, Chosen Tours

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